Cécile Smetana

Portrait of Cécile Smetana

Cécile Smetana, the eldest of five, was born to French/ Danish parents in the north of Denmark. Her interest in photography began at the age of 8, where she poured over black and white documentary images found in newspapers and magazines. Smetana, fascinated by her twin brother close relationship, started documenting their lives and they have continued to pose for her, well into adulthood. Smetana went on to study art photography and photojournalism and fell in work centers around portraiture and the transition of youth and identity. She went on to live and work in Mexico, where she documented the African diaspora; a recurring theme in her work throughout the past years. Her work has been published by National Geographic, i-D, Document Journal, The New Yorker, Vogue Italia, L'Uomo Vogue etc and are included in public and private collections and have been exhibited as part of The Black New Vanguard, Red Hook Labs New Artists, UNSEEN and many more. Cécile Smetana is now based in Paris.