Gaspar Noé

Portrait of Gaspar Noé

Born in Argentina, Gaspar Noé spent his childhood between Buenos Aires, New York and later in Paris, where he studied philosophy and cinema at Louis Lumière. He has directed 6 feature films and many short films. Each of them has been selected at the Cannes Film Festival. The 39-minutes CARNE (1991) and the feature I STAND ALONE (1998), a provocative depiction about France from deep within, were both awarded at the Critics’ Week. IRREVERSIBLE (2002), a dark and brutal deconstructed odyssey about love and vengeance and ENTER THE VOID (2007), a mesmerizing cinematic poem and a jaw-dropping visual experience taking place in Tokyo, were both selected in official competition. LOVE (2015), a melancholic tale in 3D about loving and sexual relationships, was first shown at the Midnight Screenings. His film CLIMAX won the main prize out at Cannes’ 2018 Directors’ Fortnight. His 52-minutes film LUX AETERNA (2019), produced in collaboration with Saint Laurent, premiered in Official Selection in Cannes. His last feature VORTEX (2022) is a melodrama which portrays an aging couple in the Paris apartment where they’ve lived for decades. As both a Director and a Photographer, Gaspar Noe pushes every creative moment to its expressive limits. His photographs reflect an emotional power drawing a parallel between his filmmaking and his photography.